Chris was a very special person.

hris was a very special person and is on my mine every single day. I still cannot understand why her; contrary to the other people that deserve to die. There is no one who will ever take her place in my lifetime.

As I think back over the years trying to piece together things that might have contributed to her liver damage, I remember that she always suffered from Migraine headaches and took Tylenol and other pain medication to relieve the pain. There were times when looking at her, the eyes would appear to be dim and sunken, and I would ask if she was having another migraine, and she would reply yes, but I never heard her complain about them. She had seen doctors about the headaches, but I never knew what they recommended for her. She was tough when it comes to enduring pain and was the most patient and even tempered person that I ever knew.

I was reading the story you wrote for Chris’s Memorial.

Thank you for writting the story and want you to know that you guys were like her own family, and I got to know you through her. Everyday when she came home from work, she would tell me the current events of the day, and she truly cared about each and everyone of you.

I have heard about Dr. George Bagby and the shower many times.

Written by Jim 11/10/2012