In remembrance of Chris

It has been three years since Chris passed away at the Kaiser Permanente-Hospital Zion on November 10, 2010 and I will always miss her.

Those who knew us would congratulate me on finding and marrying such a smart and beautiful woman, but then ask Chris what are you doing with him? There are those women that are collected, steadfast, and capable of sharing their lives with a spouse that made a living working in various places around the world. She did it exceptionally well and was not only a terrific wife she was a cheerful, friendly person and made many warm friends. She seldom, if ever criticized any person. Instead, she preferred to refer to their admirable qualities. On the other hand I received lots of council from her regarding my criticism of others.

Her veterinarian friends were like family to her, and I listen to her talk about them and the day’s events every night at dinner. I miss the updates and the woman telling the story.

Written By Jim 11/10/2013